Thursday, June 2, 2011

Wild (for the extra sisters I didn't have till I was an adult)

In a different lifetime
I would’ve been your best friend
Running through summer fields
Ponytailed and mosquitobitten
Shrieking, avoiding the bees
Rolling on grass
Gathering all the flowers we could hold
Under tents of bedsheets
Sharing secrets of the day, the minute, my life, your life
Watching your blonde hair and my dark
Flow wild as we run.

In less than half a decade
I would’ve been your best friend
But we would’ve lied and told everyone we were sisters
And that your blue eyes and my brown
Were perfectly normal in our family
Giggling, crazy, wild nights in Asbury and beyond
Sneaking what we could
Blue eyeshadow worn with our Levi’s
(not that you needed it)
Getting in trouble, oh yeah
Never telling anyone
Secrets of my life, your life, the minute, the day
Anything at all
Wild as we run.

And when I see you now
Whenever that is
We get to pick up where we might’ve left off
When time and school and families
Pull us apart, unwilling, never really letting go
Each one always keeping one end of the thread
Be it shoelaces, phone cords, guitar strings
Never really letting go
Always wanting more but never getting
Time slips on
But the echo of your laugh, your voice
The memory of your face, your eyes
Keeps me holding on
Sustains me when I can’t
Just can’t, and nobody else knows or understands.

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  1. I love this, Michele, and I love you. You make me cry and you make me laugh - sometimes simultaneously! It's so true: we would've been best friends no matter what age our paths had crossed. No, there's never enough time, but thankfully we have the means in which to get in touch with one another at just about any time. And sometimes, particularly in my case this past year, that can be quite urgent - but you never let me down. You're always there for me and I hope you know I'm always here for you should anything get you down or make you feel like you are anything less than perfect. Thank you for being my co-conspirator, my confidante, my cheerleader, my coach, my sound of reason when life feels unreasonable, and my dear friend. I would proudly claim you as my sister any day!